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(Mountains) Holiday Mule, the days get longer!

Dear readers, I recommend, this Sunday remember to move the clock forward for an hour!

Sunday 28 March, at 2 am, it returns to summertime, and for some countries, it seems to be the last time. In fact, in 2018, Europe had requested to standardize the timetable at the EU level, with the approval of a resolution that allowed the abolition of the obligation for the various Member States to change the schedule twice a year.

To us, however, the lengthening of the days continues to please, and to consecrate what seems to us a new beginning, we recommend that you enjoy a few bright evenings admiring the last rays of the sun that flicker behind a mountain still covered with snow. And if you do it while sipping the cocktail we are offering you today, the effect is guaranteed: you will immediately feel on vacation!

Today’s drink is called Holiday Mule, but thanks to our exceptional ingredients, it has also undergone a slight change in the name: lagAlpi’s is called Mountains Holiday Mule!

The credit goes to Swiss Premium Vodka from our producer The Alpinist, whose base is none other than the purest water of the Aletsch glacier, at an altitude of 3,160 meters! One sips, and it will be like being on the roof of the world.

To accompany it an exceptional cider: the Pomme de Fer from Cidrerie du Vulcain. An extraordinary interpretation of the apple cider par excellence, a mythical native and rare variety of the Swiss highlands.

A strong mix with the rest of the ingredients, and the effect is guaranteed!


Fill a highball glass with ice cubes. Add all the ingredients. Decorate with apple slice and cinnamon cane.