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The Alpine aperitivo par excellence? The Hugo!

Although the concept of aperitivo is of purely urban matter, it is legitimate to ask oneself, during a stay in a beautiful alpine hut, which is the right drink to sip at 2 thousand meters above sea level.

Well, we have the answer. If you don’t want your aperitif to be an eyesore in the magnificent landscape of peaks and peaks you are admiring, choose a delicious Hugo!

It’s the refreshing aperitivo par excellence, and for this reason, it has become an absolute must in summer. But thanks to its lightness, to its being sweet but not cloying, you can taste it as and when you want without fear of turning your head …

Conceived in 2005 by the barman of Naturno Roland Gruber, it soon crossed the borders of South Tyrol to make itself known almost everywhere, especially in northern Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.

Also, thanks to its simplicity, which sees it are made up of a few readily available ingredients. Prosecco, elderberry syrup, mint, soda, and that’s it.

However, for its flavor not to be too unbalanced towards the sweet, special attention goes to elderberry syrup. No to industrial syrups with little elderberry and a lot of sugar, returning a flat and cloying flavor.

The elderberry syrup … must taste like elderberry! It seems trivial, but it is not since many contain only chemical flavors and nothing else.

This is certainly not the case with elderberry syrup from Alpe Pragas, which contains 50% of elderflower extract, grown according to nature and harvested and processed by hand.

Ingredients for 1 glass of Hugo
  • 15 cl of sparkling Prosecco
  • 2 cl of elderberry syrup Alpe Pragas
  • sprinkle of soda
  • 2 leaves of mint
  • 1 slice of lemon or lime
Preparation of your Hugo

Cool a glass with ice, then put the elderberry syrup and some ice cubes.

Pour the Prosecco, add the mint, dilute with soda and mix gently.