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The Alpine Negroni for Father’s Day

If you too belong to that group of people who always have some difficulty finding the right gift for the men of the house – in this case, the dads – this article is for you!

To make your dads happy, this year, we have a cocktail recipe which although it takes its name from one of the most famous cocktails in circulation, has been revisited to bring a breeze of alpine air into your homes.

All thanks to two truly exceptional ingredients: the Genepì Bianco of Gran San Bernardo and the Swiss Premium Bitter.

The first, produced by the Rostal company,is a tremendous alpine classic, very famous among those who are no longer such young thanks to the numerous legends concerning it. If the celebrated have not yet reached the doors, however, do not worry: thanks to producers such as Rostal, the Genepì is also enjoying success among the new generations. Thanks to its soft and aromatic notes, which make it a versatile and delicate liqueur.

The second is a genuinely exceptional bitter. Swiss Premium Bitter is made from the purest water from the Aletsch Glacier! The producer The Alpinist, for this feat, took inspiration from the adventures of the first English climbers who reached Switzerland aiming for its highest peaks.

But now enough with the chatter. Here is the Negroni Alpino recipe. Only one suggestion: surprise the celebrated by preparing it at the end of the meal. Greetings to all the dads!

  • 3 cl of White Genepì of Gran San Bernardo Rostal
  • 3 cl of sweet vermut
  • 1,5 cl of Swiss Premium Bitter The Alpinist
  • orange or lemon zest

Put some ice in a mixing glass, add theGenepì Bianco del Gran San Bernardo, the Swiss Premium Bitter the Swiss Premium Bitter, and the sweet vermouth, stir gently to cool the ingredients, and pour into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice.

Squeeze over an orange or lemon peel and decorate with a slice of dried orange.