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The Founder Sour, or the Spritz with grappa

Ah, the apertivi! How much do we miss it in these times when even the banalest pleasures seem like a mirage to us?

Don’t worry, though. With a bit of imagination, we can enjoy an excellent aperitivo even at home, perhaps sitting outdoors in our gardens or on our balconies, dreaming of what – we all hope – will return to being our normality.

But beware, normality doesn’t mean “mediocrity.” And so, if today we offer you the most popular – and perhaps banal – of aperitivi we do it only because we like its version with grappa very much, and it is more alpine and less ordinary.

Here is the recipe for Spritz with grappa, otherwise called Founder Sour. But be sure, to savor it at its best, it is imperative to use the The Ciuco pazzo grappa from our producer Il mulo parlante.



q.b. ice

3,5 cl di The ciuco’s pazzo grappa

3,5 cl of Aperol

1,5 cl of lime

1,5 cl of orange

1,5 cl of pink grapefruit

sugar syrup

mineral water


Shake all the ingredients, filter, and serve in a tulip glass with an orange zest garnish.