5 gourmet gift ideas to amaze

Brilliant and original ideas for all lovers of good food. Here are 5 tips for a perfect gourmet gift.


As lovers of good food, we at lagAlpi know well how much food (especially gourmet food) is always a welcome gift. For this we recommend 5 products to give to the sweet tooth to amaze and delight them.

  • Damassine Plum Brandy
  • Damassine AOP brandy is a specialty of the Swiss Jura. The fruit from which it is obtained is called damasson rouge: a small wild plum with an incredible aroma, whose origin has very ancient roots. The legend, in fact, tells that it was imported by the Crusaders, returning from the Holy War. 

    With an alcohol content of 42 degrees, it gives warmth and a pinch of mystical mystery to share with diners. 

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  • Sauces and salted preserves
  • Flavors that taste like a holiday. The typical mountain recipes that we hardly find in everyday life: goulash, sauces and soups that cannot be found on the supermarket shelves, you can give a friend a jar of that incredible venison ragout that you ate together in the mountains or the surprising flavor of the sauce of nettles and bacon. Have fun choosing from exceptional sauces and savory preserves. 

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  • Mielimania gift box
  • Sweet, versatile and timeless: honey is the true nectar of the Gods. And why not think of a "divine" gift for the people you love? 18 different jars of honey to taste together with myelicromy, a real guide to knowing and understanding colors, smells and botanical notions around the magical world of beekeeping and honey. A true experience in a box. 

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  • Discovery Box Cadesio Chocolate
  • Nine different qualities of Cadesio chocolate to discover the authentic flavors of each one and the philosophy that inspired them. This gift idea is the most delicious of our selection but also the most extravagant: from the exotic wasabi to the classic hazelnut, passing through thyme, plantain, cherry and a multitude of unique and special flavors. 

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  • Special toppings
  • Unusual oils, special vinegars, mustards and vincotti. Unique condiments to enrich the table, flavor, add a note of special taste for memorable dishes. 

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