Azienda Apistica Mario Bianco

Mario Bianco Beekeeping Company


      The passion for beekeeping that Mario Bianco inherited from his grandparents. As a little boy in primary school, he was already pasting his handwritten name on jars of honey which he then proudly resold at the little shop in Caluso, a small town located on the southern side of Ivrea, in Piedmont. He later became interested in oenology and was a teacher until he retired in the 1980s, when he finally devoted himself, body, and soul, to his passion for bees. And it was, for all intents and purposes, a new beginning.

      Thanks also to his training as an oenologist, the intuition to produce - in times not yet suspected - a honey that paid great attention to the label was decisive. A label that not only reflected the quality of the product, but also enhanced the concept, visionary for the time, of monofloral honey. As is done with wine, the objective was to obtain the maximum purity - in the case of honey, not of a grape variety but of a single nectar. And if this concept seems trivial today, it is important to remember that the first characterizations of honeys only began at the end of the 1970s and that it was only in 1982 that the first twelve characterization sheets for Italian monofloral honeys were published.

      After his death in 2000, Mario Bianco left the company in the hands of his sons Andrea and Lorenzo, who today remember the tiring but stimulating apprenticeship carried out under their father's teachings. Thanks also to the collaboration with some international partners, above all those from Japan and North America, the honey from Mario Bianco’s beekeeping firm is today one of the most valuable and sought-after in the world. A tradition that proudly continues and offers, with great care for the jar and label design, some excellent honeys, including rhododendron and dandelion.

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