Az. Agricola Prunotto Mariangela

Prunotto Mariangela's Agricultural Farm


      The Prunotto Mariangela's Agricultural Farm is living proof that it is possible to combine a thriving agricultural activity with respect for nature.

      For over 15 years, the Prunotto Mariangela Agricultura farm has been cultivating its land according to the organic farming method, making use of the assistance and control of the production of Soil and Health, a famous and serious certifying entity.

      But what does it mean, in practice, to cultivate organically? Contrary to what many think, organic farming has a respectable tradition in the history of mankind. It suffice to say that, until a hundred years ago, this was by far the most used method.

      The natural fertility of the soil is exploited, favoring it with the rotation of crops, and fertilization is done with Humus, eliminating all fertilizers of chemical origin. The collection of fruits and vegetables is always done exclusively by hand and for some cultures in several steps on different days in order to always be able to harvest the product at the right point of ripeness.

      These are all methods, along with many others, that the Prunotto farm adopts and carries on with legitimate pride. And the result is that from a gustatory point of view, you can feel it!

      The jams are a riot of aroma with a natural and full taste , and the legumes regain the ancient flavor of the past. Appetizers and sauces then allow you to bring something good and healthy to the table in a few minutes, without sacrificing quality. And for those with a sweet tooth, delicious fruit in syrup: cannot be missing in the pantry: excellent on its own but creates mouth-watering pies and desserts!

      102 products

      102 products