Rochelt Acquavite di Prugna Maribelle
Maribelle Plum
Maribelle Plum

Maribelle Plum

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Considered the most precious plum of its kind, the Mirabelle de Nancy is treasured by connoisseurs and plum enthusiasts for its typical full-bodied flavor.

Our Mirabelle plums are grown and harvested under ideal climate conditions in the Weinviertel region of Lower Austria. When fully ripe they are up to three centimetres in size and golden-yellow with a reddish patch on the side facing the sun.

The fruits are picked with great care, chopped and placed into vats immediately after harvest. Once distilled and left to mature, the result is an exquisite fruit brandy with the full-bodied taste of Mirabelle plums.

Alcohol content: 50%


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lagAlpi products are a real treat and are genuine and authentic. I found an unobtainable grappa that I had been looking for for a long time and I was delighted. I recommend trying all the honey varieties!


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