Brandy Sambrog

Brandy Sambrog

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Wine distillate aged for 1'135 days in Lake Sambrog, located at 2'076 meters above sea level in Val di Cama

Alcoholic content: 61.76%

Bottle: 50cl

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Passion for a territory

By purchasing lagAlpi's products, you directly support all those alpine realities with an original and traditional soul.


lagAlpi products are a real treat and are genuine and authentic. I found an unobtainable grappa that I had been looking for for a long time and I was delighted. I recommend trying all the honey varieties!


My children gave me a wonderful present: a basket full of delicacies from lagAlpi. I discovered many ingredients I didn't know about, such as apricot vinegar, which is now a must on the table, and I made a delicious risotto with their rice. I am looking forward to the new order.