Red tomatoes compote

Red tomatoes compote

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The best tomatoes are transformed into this delicious red tomato compote.

Tomatoes are processed from fresh tomatoes without any added salt.

The Prunotto Company has always grown tomatoes in the orchards of Alba, Langhe and Roero.

They are rigorously harvested by hand several times a season to respect natural ripeness and to allow us to have a ripe product at the right point. In this way we have a naturally sweet and excellent quality raw material that we process a few hours after harvesting.

In this way a preserved product is obtained with the same characteristics of the fresh product with unique organoleptic properties and which enhances the particular flavor of tomatoes, typically summer fruits, excellent both to be consumed fresh and preserved for the winter season.

It is a classic and evergreen canned fruit, which reminds us of the one prepared for us by our grandmothers.

The "open-air" method of processing jams is the classic method used since ancient times for the preservation of fruit. In fact, after being carefully cleaned and washed, the fruit is simply cooked in a pot with the sole addition of cane sugar. The result is a product that enhances the flavor of the fruit used and with the artisanal characteristics that only our mothers can match.

A jam that people from all ages really like, and which finds in its sweetness and particularity a tasty and curious combination for cheeses and meats.

It’s excellent with fresh cheeses for a tasty and rich breakfast.

Origin: Italy
Date of harvest: August
Type of harvest: manual

Jar: 110g


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