Pure Ticinese Honey

Pure Ticinese Honey

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There are three main nectar essences, which are harvested by bees and flow into Vallombrosa honey: 

Chestnut (Castanea Sativa) with its typical yellow inflorescences flowers from mid-June to early July. Its nectar gives rise to light to dark brown honeys with a pronounced and characteristic flavour, slightly tannic and bitter.
The locust tree (Robinia Pseudoacacia) flowers with fragrant white cluster inflorescences. It produces a spring honey that, as such, is affected in its harvest by the vagaries of the weather, which is often unstable in May during the flowering period. It is an almost colourless honey, poor in pollen, with a fine and delicate fragrance and taste.
The linden tree is also present and from its flowering parallel to that of the chestnut tree, bees collect honey ranging from light to dark yellow and with a characteristic flavour reminiscent of menthol.

Jar: 500g


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