Soda High Mountain
Soda High Mountain

Soda High Mountain

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From the exploration of the high alpine peaks comes the desire to encapsulate in a tonic water the scents associated with the altitude, the smells, the sensations and the wonder of the mountains of northern Italy. Selvatiq High Mountain soda is made from wild lichen, collected from the undergrowth of mountain forests and alpine plateaus after being carried by the wind, and yarrow, which is so common in our mountains that it tells its own story. A unique natural tonic, which speaks to us of a respectful relationship and a deep knowledge of the Alpine habitat. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat sources and refrigerate before consumption.

Selvatiq High Mountain is Selvatiq’s wild interpretation of tonic water, an aromatic drink with a bitter and surprisingly fresh aftertaste that smells of the atmosphere of the highest mountains in the Italian Alps. Extracts of lichen and wild yarrow, combined with organic lemon juice, mineral water and a low cane sugar content, give the drink a gently bitter, bold, surprising flavour. The soft drink is made entirely from wild ingredients harvested by hand to preserve the habitats in which they grow wild. To be served chilled, excellent for creating non-alcoholic long drinks or mixed with Selvatiq Italian spirits.

Can: 250ml

Ingredients: Water, natural lichen and yarrow extract, cane sugar, lemon juice. Contains no colouring agents or preservatives, low in calories and sugar.


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lagAlpi products are a real treat and are genuine and authentic. I found an unobtainable grappa that I had been looking for for a long time and I was delighted. I recommend trying all the honey varieties!


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