Soda Mediterranean Coast
Soda Mediterranean Coast

Soda Mediterranean Coast

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From the leaves of the wild fig trees that colour the warm and beautiful Mediterranean coasts, Selvatiq make this pleasant and evocative non-alcoholic drink. The idea of using the leaves of an invasive tree that is usually used for its fruit helps us to reflect on the comparison with our biodiversity, its protection and the different use of different parts of wild plants that have sometimes become typical of extensive cultivation. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat sources and refrigerate before consumption.

A fresh and aromatic drink with fruity and surprisingly tropical tones reminiscent of coconut water, vanilla and hazelnut. The fig leaf becomes a captivating ingredient combined with organic lemon juice, mineral water and organic sugar. Carbon dioxide is lightly added for a subtle carbonation to amplify the thirst-quenching power. Selvatiq Mediterranean Coast is a natural drink that can be served chilled, straight or on the rock.
Use the tonic water in blends for captivating long drinks and also try it with our gin for the experience of a sustainable Italian gin and tonic.

Can: 250ml

Ingredients: Water, natural fig leaves extract, cane sugar, lemon juice.
Does not contain colorings or preservatives, few calories and sugars.


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