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Fruit vinegar, how and why to use it

With the arrival of the heat, it is difficult to find a better dish than a nice salad with seasonal vegetables and fruit. Fresh and nutritious, it is both healthy and meets the taste of almost everyone.

To make your salads even tastier, today we want to talk to you about fruit vinegar. Yes, of fruit, because contrary to what many think, there are not only wine or apple vinegar, but a quantity of colorful and delicious vinegar that will surprise you.

There is as much vinegar as there are varieties of fruit, and their presence in the kitchen makes each dish imaginative and original. Yes, because the fruit vinegarand their presence in the kitchen makes each dish imaginative and original. Yes, because fruit vinegar is an excellent salad partner, it is equally happy to combine with meats, fish, even desserts. But let’s go in order. 

What is the fruit vinegar?

Like all vinegar, fruit vinegar is also obtained thanks to Gram-negative bacteria of the genus Acetobacter, which oxidize the ethanol contained in wine cider and, in fact, in the presence of air and water in fruit—turning it into acetic acid.

Strawberry, apricot, pear, raspberry vinegar … the result is an acidic liquid with vague references to the fruit from which it was produced.

How to use it

Rich in antioxidants, fruit vinegar help strengthen the immune system and have an alkalizing and detoxifying effect, so much to purify the body.

Excellent for salads, to create delicious marinades, dressings a fruit salad is also suitable as a flavoring for water. A trend that comes from America sees them used in the creation of tasty and thirst-quenching drinks. Just add a little vinegar to a jug of ice water to make a detox drink, which aids digestion and fights constipation.

Apple vinegar, how to use it and its properties

Particularly rich in mineral salts, it’s the best known, and not surprisingly. It has a long series of beneficial properties, including antioxidant and rebalancing of the bacterial flora. In addition, it is an excellent ally of the line as it helps to perceive the sense of satiety.

Our producer Moulin de Severy produces a delicious apple pulp vinegar, ideal for country salads and to blend the fish of our rivers. It also goes well with sweet and sour cuisine and various apple dishes. It also goes well with sweet and sour cuisine and various apple dishes.

Pear Williams vinegar, for those who love the Orient

An essential ingredient for those who love oriental cuisine is the pear Williams vinegar from our producer Moulin de Severy. Enhancing the complex flavors of Asian dishes also lends a fruity touch to salads.

In addition, it is helpful for those suffering from cystitis as it can change the pH of the urinary tract, making life more difficult for viruses and bacteria.

Rasberries vinegar, ally of meat, fish and…tired legs

If you suffer from microcirculation, problems, raspberry vinegar could be an excellent natural remedy. Like all red fruits, raspberry is also an excellent antioxidant, perfect for preventing those annoying problems such as tingling, always cold hands and feet.

In the kitchen, raspberry vinegar is excellent for giving a pinch of fruitiness to a seafood salad or a fish or red meat marinade.