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How to travel through flavors

At a time when travel seems like just a distant (and beautiful) memory, the fastest way to get around the world is to eat. Here are some ideas on how to take a journey through taste.

Look at holidays pictures and dreaming of the next one: so bittersweet!

Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic has made it momentarily impossible to travel and explore new places and cultures. But there’s a solution!

The fastest way to get to know the tradition of a place is the food and, although it is still difficult to organize a nice trip out of town, we can always bring the Alps home through the flavors and perfumes of the mountain. Here are some ideas for the tour Alps to be done strictly seated at the table!

Sguazet- Alpe Magna

A typical Trentino dish whose origins date back to the early 1900s. The veal offal is browned with white wine and mixed with broth and toasted rice flour.

To serve with polenta to get the impression of being in a real mountain refuge. The taste is so authentic it will not be difficult to imagine!

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Forest Honey- Mieli Thun

A strong and penetrating scent, hints of apricots, fig, vin santo, black spices and much more. We’ve added a little bit of magic from the woods to this jar of honey, to put you back in touch with nature and help you dream of the next walk in the places of fairy tales.

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Brandy from Cama L’Originale – Boldini Vini

A brandy as special as the cellar in which it aged it is in fact immersed in the depths of Lagh de Sambroc, and aged there. A wine distillate with an incredible bond with the territory.

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Marrons Glacés with Ticinese Grappa from Valle Maggia-Giglia

A mountain fairy tale: since 1921 the Giglia company has been revitalising the ancient recipes of its founder who, courageously, dedicated all his free time to marron glacés while working in his ice-cream parlor. But the craftsmanship quality and commitment were rewarded and even today these products are handmade with dedication and have a loyal audience throughout Europe.

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