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Apricot and Amaretti purée

Apricot is one of the fruits with the highest number of consumers, no doubt thanks to the versatility that have in culinary products. Is thanks to this, that over time have been handed down many delicious recipes that highlight the famous fruit.

The ingredients are simple but of the highest quality: Fresh Apricots hand-selected on the Prunotto farm, combined with brown sugar and macaroons, nothing else.

In the Prunotto orchards in Alba, in the Langhe, they pick apricots at the right point of ripeness, which are processed after a few hours, and cooked with only the addition of cane sugar to make a completely natural jam in keeping with Piedmontese tradition.

It is very good pairing on freshly baked bread, with Alpine butter. This makes for a rich and healthy breakfast or refined snack!

Format: 345gr

Ingredients: Apricots, brown sugar, macaroons 8 % (sugar, armellins, egg white, milk protein, flavorings, yeast ag.: ammonium bicarbonate)


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