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Cherries in Moscato grappa

Cherries are grown in the orchards of Alba, Langhe and Roero.

They are harvested strictly by hand several times in the season to respect natural ripening and thus have a product that is ripe at the right point. This yields a naturally sweet, top-quality raw material that is processed a few hours after harvest.

Within 24 hours of collection the cherries are worked by adding natural syrup made ​​from a delicate Moscato Grappa which is obtained by a slow distillation of grape of Moscato d’Asti. The result is a product preserved with the same characteristics associated with freshness but with unique organoleptic properties and the particular flavor of grappa, and enhances the cherry flavored.

They are excellent to be tasted naturally, simply by opening the jar, or to prepare delicious desserts, or on ice cream.

The syrup is good to drink natural but is enhanced in the preparation of fine cocktails!.

Format: 320gr

Ingredients: Cherries, Muscat Grappa, brown sugar


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