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It ‘s a delicacy for the palate of all this delicious and typical desserts handed down from our grandmothers of Alba and the Langhe.

The best apples, grown in the Prunotto orchards in Alba, the “capital of the Langhe,” are picked at the right point of ripeness and processed after a few hours, then baked with only the addition of amaretti cookies, cocoa and brown sugar.

It ‘a classic “spoon” dessert for a tasty dessert, also perfectly matches the panna cotta, ice cream or yogurt.

It can be used in the dough for ravioli, pumpkin or other delicious recipes.

The apples are grown using the “sustainable organic farming” method and harvested at the Prunotto farm in Alba, they are processed a few hours after picking.

Cooked with the addition of brown sugar and amaretto to achieve a completely natural made in respect of Piedmontese cuisine.

It is exceptionnal pairing on freshly baked bread or accompanied with a cheese. We get a rich and healthy breakfast or refined snack if tasted alone!

Format: 345gr

Ingredients: Apples, brown sugar, cane, macaroons (sugar, armellins, egg white, milk protein, flavorings, yeast ag.: ammonium bicarbonate), cocoa

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