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Sour cherry compote

In the az. Prunotto black cherries are rigorously hand-picked several times during the season to respect natural ripeness and to allow for a product that is ripe to the point. This produces a naturally sweet, top-quality raw material that they process within hours of harvesting.

In this way a preserved product is obtained with the same characteristics of the fresh product with unique organoleptic properties and which enhances the particular flavor of black cherries, a typically spring fruit but which is excellent preserved to be consumed in the winter season, when there is not much fresh fruit. season.

The “open-air” method of processing jams is the classic method used since ancient times for the preservation of fruit. Fruit after being carefully washed and clean is simply cooked in a pot with the addition of cane sugar.

It is very good pairing on freshly baked bread, with Alpine butter. Thus obtaining a rich and healthy breakfast or refined snack!

Format: 345g

Ingredients: Amarena cherries, brown sugar


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