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Cream of Black Garlic

Umami black garlic is a unique and refined product: a harmony of flavours ranging from balsamic to liquorice. In a 90 g glass, the cream comes from whole bulbs of PDO Polesano white garlic expertly matured thanks to the skills of two enterprising young biologists from Piedmont. After the long ripening process, garlic turns black, acquires new fragrances and will be able to enhance any creation, from savoury to sweet. It is then made into a delicious cream by adding olive oil and water, ideal for spreading or for flavouring risottos and sauces. The exact place of origin of black garlic is not known; it is said to have originated in Korea. Undoubtedly thanks to the ingenuity and curiosity of chefs, it arrived in Europe and became a key ingredient in the contemporary cuisine of the West. Black garlic has also become famous for its health-promoting properties, including a particular presence of antioxidants as well as the property of regulating blood cholesterol. Moreover, due to the ripening process, black garlic is extremely digestible.


– Also suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets.
– Type: Creamed Black Garlic
– Ingredients: Italian black garlic (50%), water, olive oil
– Storage: after opening store in the refrigerator and consume within 5 days.

Jar: 90 gr.


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