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Damascus Plum Brandy “Damassine AOP”

Damassine AOP brandy is a specialty of the Swiss Jura. It is produced with a fruit called damasson rouge, a small wild plum with a multifaceted scent, which legend has it was brought to the Ajoie region by the Crusaders returning from Damascus.

In the month of August, the tree drops these small ripe fruits, which are collected every day in specially prepared nets, over a period ranging from four to five weeks. More than 100 plants are needed to obtain a kilo of fruit, and about 900 to be able to distil 1 liter of damassine vine water on Saint Martin’s day.

Damassine AOP eau-de-vie is the ambassador of the entire Ajoie region. The scent of wild plum is dominant and herbaceous and bitter almond accents are always present. All the fruits come from the estate, and in particular from the orchards of Fregi├ęcourt, Cornol and Porrentruy. They have been processed in strict compliance with the PDO specification and distilled in Cornol. Damassine AOP is only sold one year after its distillation, but we usually offer two or three year old products that have achieved optimal aging qualities.

Alcohol content: 42%

Bottle: 35cl


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