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Nomadic Honey Dictionary

From typical to exclusive, this is our ‘from a to z’ on honey and its surroundings, accurate in content and lively in typography, full of practical suggestions and historical and literary quotes. 192 pages on the characteristics and peculiarities of honey and its surroundings, as well as numerous recipes, curiosities and tasting ideas.

A volume dedicated to nomadic beekeeping to learn more about the passion and tradition of honey from this particular point of view. Synonymous with freedom and non-conformism, nomadism have always found deep roots in human history. Nomadic beekeeping expresses the attempt to protect and safeguard the honeys obtainable from rare or difficult harvests. In a broader sense, the effort and opportunity to source responsibly from nature’s resources.

With contributions by Luigi Manias (beekeeper and academic), Andrea Paternoster (nomadic beekeeper) and Daniele Savi (food-lover), Lucia Piana (researcher) and drawings by Yocci.


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