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Fig mustard sauce

The best figs, harvested at the right point of ripeness, are cooked only with the addition of cane sugar and mustard. The method used is the classic method used since ancient times for the preservation of fruit. In fact, after being carefully cleaned and washed, the fruit is simply cooked in a pot with the addition of cane sugar and mustard.
The Prunotto company thus obtains a product that enhances the flavor of the fruit used and with the artisanal characteristics that only mothers can match.

For the production of 100 grams of sauce, we use 155 grams of juicy fresh figs.

It goes well with cheeses. It’s recommended to pair with Erborinati cheeses (also called blue cheeses) and with aged and spicy pecorino cheeses.

Format: 110gr

Ingredients: Figs, Cane sugar, flavor (contains SENAPE).


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