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Gravenstein Apple

The Gravenstein apple is a juicy, highly aromatic apple of outstanding quality. Unfortunately, due to its limited crop yields and short storage life, it is a variety which is rarely cultivated these days.

The south-western regions of Styria (Austria) offer the best climate conditions for this apple which develops its subtle flavors through the variation between warm summer days and cool nights.

Every apple stays on the tree until it is fully ripe. To ensure this, the orchard is carefully harvested by hand in multiple passes which meet out strict criteria. At the end of each day, the freshly harvested apples are mashed on-site to ensure absolute freshness.

Distilled and matured, the result is a wonderfully rich and powerful brandy full of delicate fruity apple flavors.

Alcoholic content: 50%

Bottle: 70cl


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Weight2.11 kg


70 cl, 35 cl, 4 cl