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Fruit brandy “Hollermandl”

The “Hollermandl” is a traditional Tyrolean dish made from cooked black elderberries and sliced pear, often served as an accompaniment to desserts.

Rochelt’s “Hollermandl” is a precious fruit brandy cuvée of fine and fruity Williams pears and full-flavored black elderberries. Cultivated in the sunny regions of western Styria and Lower Austria, the fruits are harvested only when fully ripe.

After harvest, the fruits are fermented and distilled separately. Only then the precious middle cuts are combined according to the secret family recipe to create this unique cuvée.

Left to mature for many years, the mix of ripe pears and dark berries results in a natural fruit brandy with delicate and complex yet fruity and smooth flavors.

Alcoholic content: 50%

Bottle: 4cl


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