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Quintessence of Erica

Impressions of baked ham and caramel, coffee powder, chamomile, turmeric, saffron and apricot jam characterize its scent. It has a generous, very complex palate, with a perfect balance of aromas of toffee, tamarind and a finish where bitter memories prevail.
Honey rich in insoluble substances that make it appear cloudy even when extracted from the honeycombs.

Format: 200gr

Quintessence it is a sort of cru squared whose functions are time and place. In this magical alchemy, man, bee and flower live harmoniously in nature. Quintessence is especially intended for enthusiasts, often an organoleptic reference for honey tasters.

– This product is only available at certain times of the year, following the harvest cycle and directions of their beekeeper.


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