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Fresh Plums in Moscato Grappa

Plums have been grown since as far back as 1863, the year the Prunotto Company was founded.

The fertile land of Alba and the Langhe hills are particularly suited to this culture.

The best plums harvested at the right point of ripeness are processed after a few hours, adding the natural syrup based on the highly prized Grappa di Moscato, which is obtained from a slow distillation of the pomace suitable for becoming Moscato d’Asti.

The result is a product preserved with the same characteristics associated with freshness, but with thetaste and flavor of the delicate Moscato grappa that enhances the taste.

They are excellent to be tasted naturally, simply by opening the jar or to prepare delicious desserts, or on ice cream.

The syrup is great to drink!

Format: 320gr

Ingredients: Plums, Muscat Grappa, brown sugar


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