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Nocino Ratafià del Ticino

Ratafià – Walnut liqueur according to an ancient recipe

Nocino, a liqueur made from green walnuts, is the most popular digestive in Italian-speaking Switzerland. The term Nocino has recently taken over and the product was better known as ratafià.

The Capuchins of the monastery of Santa Maria dei Frati Cappuccini in Bigorio above Tesserete have been producing this tasty walnut liqueur since time immemorial. It was traditional to bring them together on the night of St. John, from 23 to 24 June. Some Ticino families claim to have received the recipe from a certain Father Gaucher. The Nocino Ratafià is due to the Latin “rata” – “fiat”, to ratify. This drink was drunk on the occasion of the signing of important treaties or agreements. Here is one of those secret recipes….

SCENT: notes of caramel and toasted nuts

TASTE: intense, persistent and sweet finish

PAIRING: ideal with Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream or simply enjoy it alone as a digestive

Bottle: 70cl

Alcoholic content: 30%


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