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Rötali Likör 500ml

Davos cherry liqueur.

According to the stories, it was the Walser women and their unmarried daughters who made the Bündner Röteli liqueur from cherries. The Rötali was served on New Year’s Day, when the neighbors brought their wishes for the farm and the harvest. Since then, Rötali has also been a love potion and the start of many love stories.

Christoffel Rötali is a Röteli Graubünden liqueur, homemade with a recipe handed down for generations.

Produced in a small traditional factory. The Bündner Röteli is made by hand and without additives according to a recipe that is more than 100 years old.

It stands out in quality, because it is not too strong and it is not too sweet.

This is an exclusive premium product of which a limited number is released each year.

Signed by the manufacturer and numbered, only 58 bottles are produced per batch.

Alcoholic content: 23%


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Weight1.124 kg