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Wachau Apricot

Wachau is one of best fruit-growing regions in Austria. Located on the banks of the Danube, it offers ideal soil and climate conditions for cultivating apricots.

Apricot growers patiently wait until the fruit is so ripe that it falls from the tree by itself. That is when these yellowish-orange fruits with a red cheek are juicy all the way to the pit and bursting with the typical full-bodied flavors needed for first-class apricot brandy.

Sorted and cleaned by hand, the apricots are turned into mash immediately at harvest. Only then are they transported to the distillery.

Once it has been distilled, the young brandy is left to mature and develop its smooth and mild, yet strong and full, taste with a profusion of ripe apricot flavors. A Rochelt classic for 25 years!

Alcoholic content: 50%


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Weight2.11 kg


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