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Wild Raspberry

This brandy is made from wild raspberries from the Carpathian forests, where they grow wild and are harvested only when fully ripe. At harvest, the small red fruits are juicy, intensely fragrant and flavorful.

Wild raspberry expresses its strengths only in the form of a distillate if it has not been previously frozen, heated or blended. For this reason, only fresh raspberries are processed, so as to preserve the original richness and aromatic intensity of this wild fruit.

The production of this exceptional brandy requires considerable effort: because of their low sugar content, up to 60 kilograms of fresh raspberries are needed to make one liter of brandy. Unlike raspberry brandy, which contains foreign alcohol, this brandy is 100% distilled from the pure fruit. The result is sublime wild raspberries!

Alcohol content: 52%

Bottle: 4cl


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