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Selvatiq Gin

Selvatiq Beyond Gin is made by blending extraordinary aromas from wild botanicals from Valtellina, in the Italian Alps. The flowers, berries and wild fruits used for this gin are harvested by hand, cooperating with the natural territory and protecting its biodiversity.

The flowers of Tilia with those of Filipendula ulmaria characterise the drink and give it an unmistakable background scent, characterised by aromatic and sweet notes of pollen. The aroma is enriched with flowers of Trifolium pratense, Salvia pratensis, berries of Juniperus communis and dog rose hips.

Selvatiq Beyond Gin is served at room temperature for an extraordinary tasting experience. Excellent when mixed with a tonic water such as one from our shop.

Alcohol volume: 40%.

Content: 500ml


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