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Williams Pear Distillate

These Williams pear originates from the sunny regions of western Styria (Austria), where it enjoys ideal climate conditions. When fully ripe its skin varies from light green to citron yellow, with a reddish patch on the sun-facing side. During the harvesting season each pear is checked on the tree regularly. Only once it has achieved peak ripeness does it have the right sweet taste for making this fine pear brandy. To achieve this the grower harvests up to 15 times.

In order to maintain their fresh fruit flavors, the pears are mashed immediately at harvest.

This mash is then transported to the Rochelt distillery in Fritzens, where it is gently distilled and left to mature. The finished fruit brandy is bursting with juicy flavors of exquisite Williams pears – strong and intense, but at the same time smooth and mild.

Alcoholic content: 50%

Bottle: 70cl


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Weight2.11 kg