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Az. Alpe Dei Farm

ALPE DEI is an adventure that originates in a beautiful valley covered with lush forests and filled with beautiful pre-Alpine vegetation enhanced by the scents and colors of a rich variety of herbs and flowers. The Veddasca Valley, an enchanted place where nature thrives in all its splendor and has managed to preserve itself over […]


An absinthe should be like a beautiful piece of music: a beautiful and pleasant onset, crescendoing with rich subtleties, a soft ethyl dominance but with magnificent, round, and generous nuances coated with lasting floral and vegetal complexities, and at the end a long, broad, and noble flavor. René Wanner, producer of Absintissimo : an original […]

Alpe Magna

All the goodness and authenticity of the Trentino cuisine enclosed in comfortable jars of preserves: this is the idea behind Alpe Magna, born from the long experience of its founder Mario Simonetto and the foresight of his two sons Andrea and Davide.Symbol of a tradition that is not afraid to confront modernity, Alpe Magna combines […]

Alpe Pragas

Alpe Pragas, born and aromonically grown in the heart of the Dolomites, has a mission: to eliminate Co2 emissions by 2027. It is a dream, before a mission, that Alpe Pragas founder Stefan Gruber had in mind from the very beginning. In his words, in fact, “It is our responsibility to treat with respect the […]

Apicoltura Cassolato Eddy

After graduating as an agricultural expert, he started working in the livestock sector. In 2002, he became a mountaineer in the Upper Leventina Valley. During the years he spent in the alpine pastures and as a worker on a number of farms, he began to approach the world of beekeeping by purchasing his first beehive, […]

Az. Agricola Prunotto Mariangela

ThePrunotto Mariangela farm is living proof that it is possible to combine a thriving agricultural business with respect for nature. For more than 15 years, the Prunotto Mariangela farm has been cultivating its land according to theorganic farming method, taking advantage of the assistance and production control of Suolo e Salute, a famous and serious […]

Bassan Bernardo and sons

Indomitable character and never satiated curiosity are the key words to describe the Bassan family, which has been working in the beverage industry for four generations now, standing out for its inventiveness and the originality of its proposals. Passion on the one hand and experience on the other make Bassan Bernardo and Sons a creative […]

Boldini Vini

It was 2014 when a group of people gathered around Lake Sambrogand took part in a surreal scene. From the gray waters of the alpine lake, at an altitude of 2076 meters, a huge barrel slowly emerged, lifted with the help of a helicopter. We were not witnessing some improbable performance of land art, but […]


Cadesio-from -ca as in cocoa and change, and -desio as in desire-is much more than chocolate. It is a philosophy of life, it is a dream realized by the stubbornness of three women who by their work-with their chocolate-wanted to send a strong message to the world. Alongside the quality and refinement of ingredients and […]

Christoffel Rötali GmbH

Small, cozy, familiar: visiting the Christoffel Rötali winery is like being greeted by a relative you haven’t seen in a long time. So much so that Christoffel Rötali calls her clients “friends.” And it is not an unique case. Rötali Graubünden cherry liqueur, found in the beliefs of half of Graubünden, is the fruit of […]