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Cadesio-from -ca as in cocoa and change, and -desio as in desire-is much more than chocolate. It is a philosophy of life, it is a dream realized by the stubbornness of three women who by their work-with their chocolate-wanted to send a strong message to the world.

Alongside the quality and refinement of ingredients and combinations, there is a desire to reach not only people’s palates, but also their consciences.

Each Cadesio chocolate leads to reflection on a certain theme and supports a very specific cause. Nadi, from the name of the channels through which Prana passes according to Yogi culture, is a White chocolateenriched with Matcha and corn that encourages the taster to reflect on the energy that pervades each of us. “Savor it” — reads the wrapper composed of 100 percent recycled fiber — “with your eyes closed, lying(a) on your bed after a long day, listening to Sweet disposition by The Temper Trap.” Part of the proceeds from the tasting will go to Les Ateliers du Cœur, an association that cares for children hospitalized or suffering from a chronic mental illness.

And again Gea, the dark chocolate with salt and thyme that invites you to reflect on how important each of our individual actions are compared to the global system we make up. A “conscious, courageous and resourceful” chocolate that will help prevent the unpleasant phenomenon of littering together with the Summit Foundation.

We at lagAlpi invite you to unwrap and discover each of the Cadesio chocolates with the same care that their founders have paid to this project. Because we’re sure it will be a delightful discovery!

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