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Alpine Shrimp? Yes, if combined with grey salt and vodka!

We have to admit: prawns are not exactly what we would call a typical Alpine dish. Yet this recipe has conquered us all the same thanks to its simple elegance, its delicate flavor but full of references, and above all, thanks to the presence of two ingredients that may very well be of Alpine origin: the whole gray salt and the vodka.

It is a simple but exquisite second course of a guaranteed effect, especially if prepared in front of your guests, showing the flaming vodka.

In addition to the essential choice of the shrimp, (better to use fresh products, not frozen, and that doesn’t taste of ammonia!), We suggest you give a touch of class in alpine style with two ingredients that you find in our shop.

We’re talking about the Swiss Premium Vodka di The Alpinist, whose pure flavor will give your second dish an unparalleled delicacy, and the whole gray salt with Ticino spices from Erbe Ticino. With the addition of a bit of chili, which is ideally suited to the recipe, these spices are perfect to crown the second dish of this caliber thanks to the careful selection of herbs, perfectly balanced in flavors.

Ingredients for 4 servings