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Simplicity and goodness, the Stinger cocktail

We are proposing an old-style cocktail old-style made from only two ingredients: brandy and mint cream. It was trendy in the first half of the last century. Today, it’s – wrongly – forgotten.

It is an effortless blend of flavors, which marry perfectly. The result is very versatile: excellent to be enjoyed after dinner. It is also ideal for an aperitivo, especially now that the days are heating up. The refreshing taste is appreciated even more of mint.

It’s unknown when it was precisely invented or by whom. Still, it was likely a typical prohibition cocktail: we imagine it towering on one of those dusty counters specific of New York’s Speakeasy.

But to bring our Stinger back to our beloved latitudes (and altitudes!), We need an exceptional ingredient: the Brandy of Cama from Cantine Boldini. Distilled by hand with copper alembic in the Maria bath, it is stored in oak barrels for six years in the famous grottoes of Cama, in the Grisons, Switzerland, where it is bottled manually. A very refined product that will give your Stinger enveloping aromas and flavors.

Ingredients and dose for the Stinger cocktail

– 5 cl of Cama Brandy
– 2 cl crème de menthe

Preparation of the Stinger cocktail

Put the Brandy of Cama and the crème de menthe in a mixing glass filled with ice and mix gently, but for a long time, to allow the crème de menthe to dissolve in the brandy.

Pour by filtering into a cup that you have previously cooled. And there you go, the Stinger is ready.