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Like any foodie worth his or her salt, we at lagAlpi know that no meal is complete without a little final pampering. That is why, with the scrupulous attention to quality as always, we have selected some sweets notes that can accompany your meals–from morning to evening! Alongside a rich selection of
– superlative with a variety of cheeses at the end of a meal but nutritious and energizing in a hearty breakfast – in our shop you will find a selection of Swisschocolate and of
marron glacés
, both typical desserts of the Nordic/Alpine tradition that the whole world tries in vain to imitate.

I nomadic honeys, monofloral, purest in the market were chosen for the quality and sustainability of the entire production process, which not only respects the life cycle of the bees but also takes care to select for them only the nectar best. Chocolate-authentic noble offspring of Alpine and pre-alpine traditions-echoes with Cadesio exotic notes and unprecedented alchemy, blending the most classic of flavors with notes of Matcha tea, maïs, Himalayan salt and more. All that remains is to be tempted!