“Dolcetto” Wine Jelly

“Dolcetto” Wine Jelly

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Piedmont is a particularly fertile land that "gives us" not only the highest quality fruit and vegetables, but also the exceptional grapes from which wines of particular value worldwide are made.

The Prunotto Mariangela Agricultural Company is based in Alba, the capital of the Langhe and at the gates of the Roero.

The Dolcetto wine is traditionally the "table wine" of Piedmont. It generally has a ruby ​​red color, a dry, pleasantly bitter taste, moderate acidity, good body, harmonious. Dolcetto was the wine of President Einaudi, a native of these lands, who as a convinced admirer and producer himself, was among the first to lay the foundations for a concrete enhancement and affirmation of this wine. The cultivation of this vine in the area dates back to the 1500s, as can be seen from citations in the municipal ordinates.

Its versatility convinced the Prunotto company to transform the precious Dolcetto wine into a delicious jelly.

It’s particularly suitable for pairing with semi-matured and matured cheeses and goes well with both local cow cheeses such as Castelmagno and Raschera and abbey cheeses such as Mont Saint Marie and goat cheeses.

In addition to this delicious combination, it goes super well to accompany ice cream, yogurt or fruit salads.

Its particular "vinous" flavor is also exceptional when paired with a vanilla cream or other desserts.

Combine it with foie gras. for a particularly delicate and refined match.

Jar: 110g.


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