The Alpinist


      Inspired by the pioneering spirit of English adventurers who in the mid-19th century aspired to the highest Swiss peaks, The Alpinist will bring the purest air of the glaciers. For their spirits in fact, normal water is not enough: The Alpinist uses only the uncontaminated water of the Aletsch Glacier which has its source at an altitude of 3,160 metres.

      With courage and determination, this company proposes a new way of drinking, of enjoying the best Alpine spirits putting into their bottles the purity and delicacy found only on the peaks closest to heaven. The purest water from the Jungfrau gives The Alpinist products a particularly smooth and pleasant taste.

      But apart from the pristine water of which its spirits are made, special attention is paid to the selection of all ingredients. From the fine herbs of the Swiss Premium Bitter which contains anise, mint and sage as well as flowers and orange peel, to the lush sea of flowers, roots and herbs in the Gin, The Alpinist offers an alchemy of the fresh and delicate scents of the Swiss Alps. True works of art capable of providing unique moments of pleasure.

      3 products

      3 products