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Company created to change the rules of the beverage industry, which is too often lacking in ethics, chemical and unhealthy. They wanted to create a sustainable wild plant-based drink that tasted real. To make this possible, they created a new business model that would allow them to reach ingredients without leaving any impact on the environment: a nomadic company. In addition to their products, they aim to cultivate a desire to protect wild habitats by raising people’s awareness of environmental issues and encouraging them to care for their environment.

The goal is to foster the environment and safeguard the identity and biodiversity of each area. The bottles of distilled spirits Gin, Vermouth and Bitter are made of recycled glass and the labels are made of glue-free recyclable paper, the cans of tonic water made of natural water are made of 100% recyclable aluminium with a removable and separately recyclable label.

They use only the best wild ingredients. So that we can offer unique and exceptional flavours. Distillates are characterised by the flavours of the habitats in which they are made. Drinks are made at the place of exploration and discovery, combining botanicals from their travels.

Bottles of spirits with an authentic and unexpected flavour and sodas with special tastes.

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