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The Alps at the click of a mouse

lagAlpi is an e-commerce, but not only. We aim to digitize the excellence and passion of Alpine food and wine by suggesting unexplored flavors and combinations, expanding the boundaries of taste, but always keeping in mind the richness of a centuries-old tradition that, rooted in the Alpine area, we intend to project into the future.

Tradition yes, but into the future


Let us take you on a journey of discovery of genuine Alpine traditions and flavors.

They say about us

Ivo Protrkic
Ivo Protrkic
Ottimi prodotti delle alpi!
Ilario Garbani
Ilario Garbani
Ottimo negozio!

The challenge

Unlimited taste

lagAlpi knows that a challenge is at stake today: breaking down the geographic barriers that separate the flavor of traditions from the world out there, excluding some from the pleasure contained in them.

Summit and valley stories


St. John’s Night

We are approaching the night of St. John’s Day, which falls between June 23 and 24, the magical night to begin the preparation of Nocino.

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