Damassine, the mythical "fiery water" of the Canton of Jura

Produced from damasson rouge, a small one red plum discovered in the East, the Damassine PDO it's a distillate typical of Canton of Jura realized according to the strictest quality standards. But in addition to the label, Damassine is embellished with the mysterious legend which tells of his arrival in Europe.

Imagine a small red plum discovered in the East during the Second Crusade and brought to Europe for its intoxicating aromas and its multifaceted flavor. Here, under a name that evokes its exotic origins, imagine that it gives life to a precious distillate whose traces appear mysteriously in some historical documents, even where alcohol and its derivatives must have been the prerogative of doctors and pharmacists. 

You are reconstructing the history of the damasson rouge, the small fruit from which the mythical is obtained Damassine PDO, jurassian specialty whose origins are at least as evocative as its flavor. 

The charm of the fleur d’Ajoie, impossible to resist

Although the first historical records in the Jura date back to no earlier than 1860, the historian Bernard Vauthier, in his Le patrimoine fruitier de Suisse romande, tells us about a mysterious "red plum" intercepted at Court in 1655 and, already two centuries earlier, tells us about a place, such Comtal hotels of Neuchâtel, where he stocked up on "Fiery water". If considered in light of the fact that the only Plum tree known in Europe until then was the Plum Tree, with blue fruits, these are clues that suggest that the presence and processing of the fleur d’Ajoie on Jurassian territory was long before 1860, in a historical period - and here lies all the mystery and charm of this legend - still very far from the commercial boom that the alcoholic beverages during the 17th century. It would seem, in other words, that not even a more or less abstemious society like that of seventeenth-century Europe could resist the intoxicating pleasure of Damassine.

Strict production and control for Damassine PDO

Damassine is a mythical drink, which became part of the Swiss culinary heritage thanks to the tradition that affects the entire production process. In fact, the requirements for obtaining the DOP classification they are multiple and rigorous. The harvest foresees that from July to September the ripe fruits fallen on the ground are picked exclusively by hand, strictly forbidding the shaking of the trees. Over one hundred plants are needed to obtain a kilo of fruit, and about nine hundred to be able to distil a liter of Damassine brandy on St. Martin's day. In order not to compromise the fullness of flavor and healthiness, the damasson rouge it must be put in cask at a maximum distance of one day from its collection. Furthermore, distillation must take place no later than 31 December of the year of harvest, and the Damassine PDO must age at least six months, being introduced on the market no earlier than St. Martin's day.

A real treat to bring to the table together with its history and its myth. To surprise your guests with its mythical presence, click here.