Punto Verde – Bignasco Fam. Matasci


      The passion for their valley, the desire to create the conditions to enhance it, the firm conviction of being able to create a local economy that allows them to offer many ideas of tradition and quality maintaining the possibility to live and work in their Valley.

      At the beginning of the 90s, Virgilio Matasci had already treasured the values that in the following years would have been the basis of many for sustainable development, eco-sustainability and the revaluation of the territory.

      Over the years, the Punto Verde productions establish themselves well beyond the borders of the splendid Maggia Valley, and are appreciated and sought after throughout Switzerland and beyond.

      This great and well-deserved success began with the creation of the now well-known "Pepper of Valle Maggia" and then followed with aromatic herbs, jams and compotes, traditional polenta flour, spirits and wines.

      The passion for their land, the wise choice of high quality products, the harmony in the preparations, make the products of the Green Point one of the best presentations of the traditions of the valleys of the alps.

      9 products

      9 products