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An absinthe should be like a beautiful piece of music: a beautiful and pleasant onset, crescendoing with rich subtleties, a soft ethyl dominance but with magnificent, round, and generous nuances coated with lasting floral and vegetal complexities, and at the end a long, broad, and noble flavor. René Wanner, producer of Absintissimo : an original and passionate personality, a true artist in the art of distilling the enfant terrible of spirits .

Born and raised in Couvet, in the Val-de-Travers, he learned from a very young age the secrets of absinthe directly from clandestine distillers . However, it was an early retirement that convinced him to turn this knowledge into a profession, and in the early 2000s his activity revived absinthe in one of the most important places: Geneva, which before prohibition was the second largest producer of absinthe in all of Europe.

An eclectic and lively personality, René Wanner likes to organize Absint’Events, during which he lets people taste his products and tells, in four languages, colorful anecdotes about illegal immigrants. Passion, curiosity, and persistence have made him an unrivalled distiller and winner of 85 medals in seven years, including the World Spirit Awardand the Absinthiades by Pontarlier / F.

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