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Boldini Vini

It was 2014 when a group of people gathered around Lake Sambrogand took part in a surreal scene. From the gray waters of the alpine lake, at an altitude of 2076 meters, a huge barrel slowly emerged, lifted with the help of a helicopter.

We were not witnessing some improbable performance of land art, but rather the ingenious stunt of the founder of Boldini wineries, Eligio Boldini. In this way, Eligio – Ligio to his friends – intended not only to promote his exclusive Cama Brandy, but also the territory where his venture was born and continues to grow: the Mesolcina. And to do so, he put a creative spin on one of the region’s most picturesque spots, the Val Cama. In frigid Lake Sambrog, Ligio aged his brandy for a full three years, wondering every day what would become of that highly original initiative. The result was spectacular, and not only in terms of taste. Ligio’s stunt, with the incredible images of the barrel poking out of the water of the lake enclosed in the rocky slopes of the Cama Valley, was reported in numerous newspapers, making the name of a place as beautiful as it is often ignored ring in readers’ ears: Sambrog.

From the beginning, Cantine Boldini was a real gamble. In the 1980s Ligio decided to leave the safe place to venture into winemaking. The idea was to renovate the ancestral home in Monticello, a hamlet in San Vittore, and to clear the land along the surrounding hillside at 380 meters, in order to build a new vineyard. And that’s what happened. Over the years, thanks in part to the help of his wife Laila, the organizational and meticulous mind behind the venture, what was once an adventure has turned into a full-fledged enterprise that now boasts 35 thousand square meters of cultivated land and more than 40 thousand bottles of wine produced annually.

A beautiful victory for the Boldinis and for the whole of the Val Mesolcina, whose fruits are now tasted and appreciated throughout Switzerland and beyond”.

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