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Gialdi Vini

Established in 1953 among the green hills of Mendrisio, Canton Ticino, Gialdi is a family-run business in continuous dialogue with the land it lives and loves.

Dedicated first to the wine trade, Gialdi has then been able to reinvent itself by buying several wineries spread around the Canton and starting to make wine around its area.

The quality of its products is ensured by the close relationship of collaboration and trust that binds it to the winemakers, who have handed down the work in the vineyard from generation to generation. The vineyards are mainly located in the Tre Valli region, a mountain region whose soil is mainly made up of granite and gneiss, essential components to make the good acidity and minerality typical of this territory.

Characteristic of the splendid Mendrisian wineries is that they are built close to the mountain, in order to take advantage of the air currents that circulate inside the Monte Generoso massif, guaranteeing a stable temperature all year round and an ideal climate for the aging of wines.

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