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Schloss Salenegg

Schloss Salenegg is the oldest winery in Europe. The elongated silhouette of its beautiful building has been basking in the sun, not far from the small town of Maienfeld, since 950 AD. C. The generously sculpted forms of the mountain landscape that overlooks it know its entire long history.

Over the centuries, many have admired and known it, and Rainer Maria Rilke even wrote a poem about it, moved by the Saalweide, the heraldic tree of the von Salis family.

The contemporary visitor to Schloss Salenegg is struck by its endless vineyards greeted by the sunny valley, and is surprised to learn about anestate that is as old as it is modern.

Intuition of Helene von Gugelberg, “mother” of Schloss Salenegg, was in fact to treatvinegar, grape juice andbrandy exactly as one treats wine. Growing up in the Schloss Salenegg vineyard, but being an innovative and courageous person, she was soon certain that the faith in the vine, the care devoted to it, certainly did not end with the wine-in fact, the wine was just the beginning.

For excellent wine, grapes must be cared for throughout the year and harvested at the ideal time of ripeness. The berries must be pressed with care and delicacy. This is how the Schloss Salenegg vinegars are created, then stored for at least two years in oak barrels. These barrels are of the same high quality as those for wine-only in this way can the true blessing of the grape also develop harmoniously in the vinegar.

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