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The Booby cocktail, for a sophisticated aperitivo

If you are planning a dinner with sophisticated friends and colleagues, whom you would like to pamper especially, let them try today’s cocktail and you will have a guaranteed success.

The Booby cocktail is, in fact, light but rich in harmonious notes, ranging from grappa, to orange, to lavender and rose water.

It is not a very or heavy drink but for this reason, it is suitable for all occasions, even the most formal ones.

Furthermore, although it does not need a particularly laborious preparation, its presentation certainly does not go unnoticed. The egg white gives the foam, and that pale orange color gives it immediate authority!

Essential for this recipe is the choice of the main ingredient, namely grappa. We have already said that this is not a strong, alcoholic drink; it will therefore not be necessary to choose a grappa that is too complex, let alone barricaded. Better to opt for a fresh and harmonious grappa, rich in floral notes, as is the Grappa from American grape from Cantine Boldini. Produced from 100% Graub√ľnden American grapes; it is a balanced grappa, masterfully distilled according to tradition.

  • 4 cl of Grappa from American grape
  • 2 cl of orange juice
  • 1/2 passionfruit
  • the tip of a tablespoon of lavender
  • 2 drops of rose water
  • 1 egg white
  • 0,5 cl of sugar syrup
Preparing your Booby cocktail

Squeeze half an orange and strain the juice.

Cut the passion fruit in half.

Put some ice in a cup to cool it down.

Break an egg and put the egg white in a shaker with ice, pour in the grappa, the two juices, the rose water, the sugar syrup, add the lavender, close, and shake for 20 seconds.

Throw in the ice and pour the cocktail filtering with the julep.

Decorate as you like and serve your new Booby aperitivo.