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Az. Alpe Dei Farm

ALPE DEI is an adventure that originates in a beautiful valley covered with lush forests and filled with beautiful pre-Alpine vegetation enhanced by the scents and colors of a rich variety of herbs and flowers.

The Veddasca Valley, an enchanted place where nature thrives in all its splendor and has managed to preserve itself over the years from the encroachments of a progress that is sometimes too frenetic and disrespectful of the territory.

ALPE DEI was born from a deep love for this valley, where the roots of the person who created this small but promising reality, are deeply rooted and where growing up he learned to love, respect and know the valley and all that this land, with simplicity and humility could offer to those who took the time to discover it.

Serena, this is the name of the person who thought of, wanted and created ALPE DEI, was helped and directed by her father Claudio, who has been living and working in symbiosis with his land for years.

ALPE DEI wants to bring the highest quality products to your table that reflect the harmony and beauty of the Veddasca Valley.

With the support and inspiration of family and friends, Serena started ALPE DEI by creating vegetable gardens and planting the essences that are the basis of her products, as well as taking care of the bees and providing them with a pristine growing environment for a production of honey of rare quality and fragrance.

It is from these high quality assumptions that the honey and jams produced by ALPE DEI in Val Veddasca are born, artisanal and organic products that know how to offer scents and flavors of other times.

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